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Orle’s picks of the week #2

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s just like me to introduce a new post series and then disappear for a month! LOL!

I have still been photographing my weekly makeup picks, I just haven’t had the chance to put the posts together, but never mind that now, I have reformed my schedule (I think *eye roll*) and here we are!

So this were my makeup picks for Week #2:


You could pretty much say this was a drugstore week (except for the Cover FX custom cover drops) and I have to say I was mostly pleased by all the results!

I’m still to trying to get through the Rimmel 9 in 1 Matte BB cream (this thing has lasted over a year! it’s ridiculous!), but I like mixing it with the Cover FX custom cover drops in G50 to make it more full coverage and matte. Then I set it with the Nerio Camargo translucent setting powder. I’ve found that this powder really locks in my makeup, but it’s not very good at controlling oiliness, so I know for sure I won’t be repurchasing once I use it up.

For bronzer and highlight I decided to go with the ELF Duo powder in St. Lucia. The bronzer shade it’s really lovely! it has a soft satin finish, and I can use it both as contour and bronzer and it looks very natural on the skin. The “blush” is actually so light that it ends up working as a subtle highlight on me, but I think I only touched it once, it’s really not my favorite. I went instead for the Essence Pure Nude highlighter which I find perfect for every day! It’s shimmering without having any glitter, and it doesn’t emphasize texture on the skin. It’s so subtle and pretty, but you can build it up for more impact! It also paired beautifully together with both blushes (Valmy perfect color blush in Amber and Milani Blush-bronzer Duo in 03 Sunset Beach) which I would consider neutral – warm.

As for my eye looks, I was (once again) very disappointed with the Maybelline Blushed nudes palette. There are only like 5 usable shades in there! the rest have no pigment whatsoever! But if you stick with the shimmering rose, the matte rosy plum just above it, and the brown on the top right corner, you can come up with a decent look. The WnW Comfort Zone palette on the other hand, makes me fall in love with it every time I use it! I don’t even mind that it’s all shimmers, because they look THAT good on the lids! I just love it!

I had a dinner party on Saturday and I did a very simple look with the duochrome shade all over the lid and crease, a little bit of the black/burgundy shade on the outer corner and lower lid, and then a black winged liner, and it was just stunning! I wish I had thought to take a picture! You never would’ve though that it was just a two shadow look from a $5 drugstore palette!

I was still rocking a colourful lip this week with Valmy’s long lasting Vit. E lipstick in Orchid and ColourPop’s  Ultra Matte lip in Love Bug. Specially since I was using Tarte’s Lip Facial lip scrub, so my lips were always soft and smooth!

Here are some swatches for you! L – R: 1) Bronzer in ELF’s St. Lucia duo. 2-3-4) Brown, Rose and Light plum from the Maybelline palette. 5) ColourPop Love Bug. 6) Valmy Orchid. 7) Valmy Amber blush. 8) Milani Sunset Beach duo.

Natural light
Indoor light

And, as a little bonus, here’s my eye pencils and brow products stash:


The mascaras I’m currently using are Physician’s formula Shimmer Strips Glam Eyes mascara, and L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara. I really like the second one a lot! It’s one of my all times favorite! The one by physician’s formula doesn’t really do anything special other than make your lashes a little blacker.

Out of all my pencil liners, my favorites are the Marc Jacobs one, and ColourPop! I love both formulas! The rest are just alright. I recently decluttered the ones that were true fails for me. And as for brows I own 1 powder by Nerio Camargo, which I really like and it’s very natural looking and long lasting!, 1 brow pencil by Valmy, that I love for every day, because the color is perfect and the formula is the perfect balance between waxy and creamy! and, 1 brow gel by ELF that I only really use when I need to make sure my brows stay put all day!.

That’s it you guys! If there’s anything you want to see in more detail, please tell me in comments, and I’ll be happy to make it happen!. I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading!






One thought on “Orle’s picks of the week #2

  1. Ha, I was wondering where you’d wandered off to. Ah well, life happens, right? 😉

    Too bad about the Maybelline Blushed nudes palette – this is why I’m wary about pre-made palettes. A lot of them contain only a few shades I’d use – what a waste. And I agree, the WnW Comfort Zone is one of the BEST drugstore palettes out there. The duochrome shade in there is similar to MAC Club. 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying the Essence Pure Nude highlighter lately too – such a refined shimmer. And so well-priced! That Milani Sunset Beach duo is stunning! I’ve never seen that before.

    And oooh I love oogling at other people’s stash! And I agree, the Marc Jacobs liner is SO GOOD. I need want more! ❤


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