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Orle’s picks of the week (Intro)

Hi everyone!

This is a new series of posts I want to try, where I share with you what makeup I used for the previous week, and some general thoughts about the products.

As you will see, I’ll be rotating mostly my color products, since I pretty much stick to the same base products for my face until I use them up and then move on to the next one. Same with mascaras and liquid eyeliners, I try to only have 1 or 2 opened at one time, and I don’t own many eyeliners (well, this could be debatable) but mostly I only have one for each color in pencil and/or liquid/cream form. And this is why I decided to post my makeup for the week and the end of each week, rather than at the beginning, because starting each week I will choose the eyeshadow palette(s) or singles for the week, 1 or 2 blushes, 1 – 2 highlighters, one contour product, and 3 – 4 lip products, but I will be free to choose any eyeliner, lipliner, and brow products (I own a shocking total of 4 brow products) I see fit; and will share all of them at the end of that period.

Current base products.

These are the face base products currently in use, I keep it pretty basic, and rotate through them depending on my needs and mood that day;  I have 3 face primers: 1 high end, the Estee Lauder Double wear matte perfecting primer, 1 drugstore primer, the Rimmel London Fix&Perfect, and a mattifying gel from Orly.

The foundations I have opened at the moment are: 1 high end, Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover in 3C4, 1 drugstore, the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in medium, and a Rimmel BB 9-in-1 cream in medium that I totally forgot to include here because it’s almost empty (finally!).

The 3 concealers I’m using (and I honestly just realized I have 3 of everything in use, totally not done on purpose!) are all drugstore: an E.L.F. “peach corrector” that honestly doesn’t do anything and I just want to get done with it, a Valmy -local brand- peachy concealer in medium, and Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 010 to highlight.

And lastly, my 3 powders in rotation are: a Bliss loose powder in medium-Deep that I use to set my foundation and add a little bit of coverage, A Nerio Camargo pressed translucent powder, and Maybelline Pure Makeup anti-blemish powder in Nude for touch ups.

Whenever I switch up any on these products I will be letting you guys know, but in the mean time you can safely assume that I will always be wearing one of these.

Now for the first week’s picks:



I’m so SO sorry for the blurry picture!! I didn’t realize until after I uploaded it!

I was loving a very natural eye look paired with a strong lip. I chose the Too Faced Merry Macarons palette, the Palladio herbal eye primer, my E.L.F. blush palette in Light, and their Shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal as highlighter. For contour I chose the NYC color wheel in bronze, which is a matte bronzer perfect for my complexion.

Throughout the week I switched between the Palladio Ultra Bold Liquid liner pen in Black, and Amuse liner pencil in Dark brown. The Kleancolor gel liner in emerald green I ended up using as a base, paired with the light gold on the bottom left of the TF palette. And for my brows all week I reached for a brow pomade in Brown that i cannot for the life of me remember what brand it’s from! (I want o say MAC?)

And for my lips I went with NYX’s  Butter lipsticks in Mary Jane (true red) and Licorice (blackberry), the latter one paired with  their Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen. I also showed some love to Bite Amuse Bouche lipstick in Pepper (my all time favorite), and sometimes topped it with Loreal’s Wet shine stain in Rose on and on. And on Saturday I went really out of my comfort zone with the Smashbox’s Shock Me, a bright matte magenta color, that I’m still not so sure how I feel about it.

So I don’t want to make this post too long, so I will leave it at that. This was supposed to go up yesterday, but life got in the way, however I will try my best to make this post on Sundays. Let me know if you would like to see more details, mini reviews of the products, or maybe swatches of the less common makeup items I use.

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Orle’s picks of the week (Intro)

  1. What a fun series! It’s a nice way to talk about a variety of products you’re using. I’m similar to you – I keep my base products fairly consistent. And only a couple of mascaras and liquid liners open at a time. But I do tend to switch up my colour products daily. That’s the most fun part of putting on makeup – like a new “wardrobe” for my face! 😉
    That Too Faced palette offers up a lot of possibilities for eye looks for the week. It’s great to have a makeup “menu” for the week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the way I see it!
      I really want to push myself to be more creative with my makeup looks, so I figured that having 7 days to play with the same makeup would help me find every possible way to use it, without getting bored of it!


  2. Oooooooo great minds think alike! I’ve been in such a magenta zone that I went out and repurchased a Milani lipstick in Matte Orchid that I’d previously decluttered. It’s a pretty color but I just can’t do the matte thing anymore. I think if it was a tad lighter and a tad more comfortable I wouldn’t mind how bright it is because I wouldn’t feel self-conscious AND uncomfortable. So I’m thinking of ordering a few of the more glossy *cringe* “lippie stix” (I hate that name) from Colourpop in brighter colors to liven things up for Spring. Anyways, I love this new series and I can’t wait to see more 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that is such a great color! Most people can pull it off no matter their skin tones and it always looks so vibrant!
      I get what you say that you can only be a little self conscious or uncomfortable, but not both! Totally! It took me while to get comfortable wearing bright colors, but finding formulas that I loved and then experimenting with more colors really was a huge help, because I’d simply forget I was wearing something other than my regular MLBB shade!
      If you decide to go for the lippie stix (ridiculous name of course) go for the cream finish, the glossy ones bleed too much in my opinion. Try the shade LBB, it’s to die for! I also really like Contempo and Flawless


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