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The Palette Recommendation Tag!

Hi everyone! Today I have a bit of time on my hands, so for my first “official” post I wanted to share with you a palette tag created by the very talented Kaily from HelloKaily, I really want to support her, and it is really helpful for anyone trying to find their one perfect palette, and I love how I’ve been seeing it more and more all over youtube! so if you have your own blog or YT channel, consider yourself tagged!


1. Best Palette for Beginners: I would say any The Balm palette is great for beginners, they are high quality, super blendable without getting muddy, and not as pigmented as Lorac or Kat Von D, which can be overwhelming for beginners.


2. Best Drugstore Palette: I would absolutely recommend either the Comfort Zone palette, or ELF’s Mad for matte! (or just get both so you are set on mattes and shimmers!) They are totally on par with high end formulas!


22753793. Best Palette for Work/School: This one goes to my Lorac Pro and Pro 2 palettes for sure! They are pigmented, creamy, look GORGEOUS every time, and they stay put for hours! I enjoy the Pro 2 just a tinsy bit more.


817919010354-1_34. Best Palette for a “Natural” Way to Play with Color: I think the Naturally Pretty palette from It Cosmetics (the original one). The colors are gorgeous, not too bright, and they all work so well together, so combining them won’t ever be a problem!


5. Biggest Bang for Your Buck: I have a tie here again between the Comfort Zone palette from Wet N’ Wild, and on the higher end side, the Shade+Light eye palette from KVD. They are both ridiculously pigmented and have a great amount of product so they will last you for years and years!


img_22736. Best Palette for Medium-tan skin tone: For this I totally recommend Juvia’s eyeshadows! I own the Masquerade palette and it’s perfect! The shadows are fully opaque when applying with a brush, the colors are warm, and the pops of color are to die for! (Now that I think about it, they’re actually a great bang for your buck too! I think their biggest palette is $36 and each pan has something like 5 grams of product!!)

s1659424-main-hero                                             unzippedpalette_lorac_aplus_8-25-133dscn2496

7. Best Palette for Brown Eyes: I think I can pull off pretty much any eyeshadows (including the most “difficult” ones like greens and blues) but I feel like the most flattering ones on me are the plums, bronze and rose-y colors, which is why – out of the ones I own – I would recommend Tarte’s Tartelette palette. Those purples look amazing, the neutrals work great with brown, and the warm row gives me the most perfect soft yet defined look. But if I had my heart’s desire I would get the Tartelette in Bloom palette or Lorac’s Unzipped palette, I think those would be truly perfect for me!


8. Best All in One Palette: Again, this one goes to my Lorac Pro palette (this time the original over the Pro 2) because this can give me anything from a very natural – almost nude – look, to a very smokey eye, to a beautiful shimmery look that really pops! or even an all matte look without having to reach for anything else!


9. Best for Travel: I would say my beloved In the Balm of your Hand palette from TheBalm. I love all the parts of this palette! The blushes are gorgeous, it has the most perfect bronzer and highlighter (Bahama mama and Mary-lou respectively) and the shadows are lovely! The only thing it doesn’t have is matte shadows, but you can use the bronzer instead!


10. One You Do NOT Recommend: ANY of the Maybelline Nudes palettes and ANY of the ELF big square palettes! Those are not worth the $10-$15 you’ll be paying. None of them have good pigmentation, they are chalky, and only last about two seconds on your lid, even with a primer, so don’t even bother. Go for the smaller newer ELF palettes or the Maybelline studio quads, those are really great!

*All of the images are from Google search

12 thoughts on “The Palette Recommendation Tag!

  1. Kaily is certainly the palette authority, isn’t she? I listen to her recommendations on palettes a lot too. 😛
    I wholeheartedly agree with you on Wet n Wild Comfort Zone being a great drugstore palette. I say it’s a MUST have!
    The KVD Shade+Light eye palette has been on my wish list for ages!
    I couldn’t do this tag because I am not a palette addict…. I started getting into them more in 2016 but I’m still not convinced. I much prefer singles, duos, quads.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? That’s so funny with you being such a makeup lover! I would’ve thought otherwise, though now that I think about it you rarely review palettes.
      I’m the total opposite, I stopped buying singles (unless it’s a very unique color) because I felt like I was wasting them! I almost never reach for singles, I much prefer having an all in one palette, and the easiness of not having to get too creative with matching shades and colors at 6am, but rather having it all laid down for me, so to speak


  2. I was so excited to see you did this tag! I loved all of your answers. I agree with you on the larger ELF palettes, though I think I need to try some of their smaller ones. I was reading through the comments also and agree with your take on singles… I don’t buy them cause I never use them. I’ve recently started buying some to test from different brands though out of curiosity. It’s so hard to pick shades, though! I like palettes because they pay people to put thought into what shades to combine… and I sooo can’t do that, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha exactly! I lack creativity when I have to come up with a look from scratch
      I’m so glad you got to see my post! Your tag has been all over yt lately! How exciting!


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