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My most Expensive makeup look


Hello everyone! Well you can definitely tell the holiday season is upon us! I’ve been so busy lately this post took me forever to put together!

After my last post (here) I thought I would take it in the exact opposite direction and present to you my most expensive makeup products that I could put together to create a look. Now, I don’t really own much high end makeup, so I think this will come to a pretty decent total.

Within each category I chose my most expensive product, and kept it to the same amount of items (15) so it was a fair comparison to my first post.



– Estee Lauder Double Wear Matte perfecting primer: $36,50. This is a great primer for my oily skin, it really helps me stay matte longer and it hides pores and perfects your complexion beautifully.

ArtDeco lasting finish foundation$30. This is a full FULL coverage foundation. ArtDeco is a pro makeup brand used mostly for TV and movies, so almost all of their products are real battle horses! I first tried this brand because of my sister who was battling with hard core melasma, and we both fell in love.

– ArtDeco Camouflage concealer: $14. This thing will cover up your dirtiest thoughts! I love it! Sadly I think it’s discontinued because I’ve been trying to find it online and in stores for almost a year now without any luck!  😥

– Nerio Camargo translucent pressed finishing powder$30. This is another pro brand from a very renowned local makeup artist that actually went international just a few months ago. All of their products are super high quality, I really love them, I’ve been using the brand since they first launched and was sold only at their beauty salon. This powder is superb at keeping oils under control without looking chalky on the skin.



– Lorac Eyeshadow Primer: $21. This is a good base, but nothing really that special.

– Nerio Camargo brow powder in Medium brown: $16. I really like this brow powder because it looks very natural even if you pack it on! but you have to use brow gel or it only lasts a couple of hours, at least on my oily skin.

Now, for eyeshadow  I again went with a duo and a palette, and both will be added to the total of my look.

– Clinique Shadow Duo in 05 Graphite: $17. Clinique eyeshadows are very under appreciated I think, I find them to be of very good quality, and they are one of my favorite formulas (though not my #1 favorite). This duo in particular is absolutely stunning for a soft smokey eye!

– Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact: $54. This is from a holiday kit from 2010 or 2011 I think. I don’t really like the quality of this palette at all, it’s really pretty to look at, but the pigmentation is very poor, the shadows blend into nothingness and you need a primer if you want them to last more than a couple of hours on your lids (this is why it looks untouched, because IT IS,despite being 5 years old). This is my first and only experience with Estee Lauder shadows, because they are so expensive that after working with this palette it left me with no desire to be disappointed again.

– Clinique Liquid Liner: $17,50. Again, this is such a high quality eyeliner I don’t know why more people aren’t raving about it!

– Clinique High Impact mascara: $17,50. I just got a Better than Sex mascara a few days ago, so I guess technically this isn’t my most expensive one any more, but it’s one I’ve been loving for years, and I’m willing to keep splurging on!



– Bahama Mama Bronzer: $18. This is the ONLY bronzer I own that is not from the drugstore, so I didn’t have much of a choice here lol, but it is one of my favorites for contouring!

– Becca Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone: $41. This is the best highlighter formula on the planet! Somehow it packs a punch while still looking “natural” and it’s a dream to blend onto the skin!

– Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild: $34 Vs. Estee Lauder Blush Platte: $35. I love both these blushes so much! and I actually use them together most of the time. The Becca one gives such a subtle peachy glow to the skin, like a gorgeous sun kissed look . And the Estee Lauder ones (which were from the same collection as the eyeshadow palette) are the most beautiful neutral blushes I own. I love mixing them together, or wearing them on their own, they are truly fool proof!

– YSL Rouge Our Couture Lipstick in shade #01: $37. This is my most expensive lipstick (duh! that’s the whole point of this post) and I hardly ever use it! The formula is awesome  and feels very hydrating, but that makes it sooo creamy that I’m always afraid it will rub away and I will end up looking like a clown! (though I have to admit it has never happened!) but still I only wear it when I know I can keep an eye on it. Can I just add that the color is GOR-GE-OUS!

– Estee Lauder Pure Color lipgloss: $24. This is an o.k. gloss, very shiny and opaque enough to be worn on it’s own, I neither love it or hate it.

That’s it, for the 15 products I used to potentially create this full makeup look my grand total comes to: $407,50!

It could have been so much worse! hahaha! but like I said at the beginning, high-end and luxury makeup are not the strongest suit of my collection, I’m only just recently broadening my horizons with brands like Becca, Tarte, Lorac and a few others.

Now I’d love to know what your most expensive makeup look would amount to! Feel free to leave your thoughts on the comments section


9 thoughts on “My most Expensive makeup look

  1. I just realized I never commented on this post – I’d meant to come back to say WOW, I love the Estee Lauder eye shadow and blush palettes! They’re like candy for the face! I have a few Estee Lauder quads and I really like the quality a lot.
    Our local drugstore just recently got ArtDeco in and I’m researching their products so I can buy some – I love your description of the concealer, I think I need to try it! 😆
    I also don’t have a lot of luxury or designer brands in my collection either. Something about super high end brands make me expect them to transform me into a supermodel… it doesn’t work like that! 😛


    1. I think that’s exactly how I feel about luxury makeup, and why I tend to have a hard time with it!
      If you find the Camouflage concealer, grab it, run and never look back! It is holy grail status for me!
      I’m starting to think I got a bad batch with that eyeshadow palette, nobody else seems to have had the same experience as me. Who knows… The blushes I do love!


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