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My most frugal makeup look


Hello everyone! I have a super fun post today! I thought I would take all my cheapest makeup products (that I actually do use) and group them into the most frugal makeup look I can accomplish within my collection.

With each category I chose the most inexpensive product I own, but keeping in mind it had to be something to create a look that I would actually wear (like I wouldn’t pick an orange eyeshadow and a bright blue eyeliner just because they are the cheapest I have), therefore coming up with my true most frugal makeup look.



– Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer: $4,99. This isn’t my favorite primer because it’s not mattifying, but it’s the one I’m currently using for everyday.

– Mon Reve Time Plus oil free foundation: $2,50. Great medium to full coverage, long lasting foundation from a local brand.

– E.L.F. All over cover stick: $1. This is in the shade Honey and I actually like it a lot for the under eye.

– Bliss Loose powder: $2. It’s an okay powder, and adds a bit of coverage.



– Valmy cream eyeshadow in #02: $1,70. This is a good base, again from a local brand. Kind of like MAC paint pots but A LOT cheaper.

– Valmy Eyebrow pencil in Light brown: $1,99. Nice taupe color.

Now, for eyeshadow I went with a pick for a single (or in this case a duo) and a palette, and both will be added to the total of my look.

– E.L.F. Shadow Duo: 1$. This came in a holiday set of 10 shadow duos for $10. I also have some of their 1$ singles, but for practical purposes I chose the duo.

– Dijiu Metallic eyeshadow palette: $2. This is something I picked up from our version of the Dollar Store. The shadows are actually very pretty when you use them wet. Used dry there’s very little color payoff. My runner up was this CoverGirl Quad in Dynamite Drama ($5,49.)

– Amuse liquid eyeliner pen: $2. Good staying power but you have to layer 2 or 3 coats to get a nice black line.

– Valmy 3D Effect mascara: $3. Gives good volume and length. Actually a really good mascara!



– NYC Color Wheel bronzer/ Rimmel London Natural Bronzer: These are both $4,99. I would probably go with the NYC Color Wheel because you can focus your brush on the darker parts and use it to contour as well.

– E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac: $1. I actually love this for a soft every day highlighter, and you can’t beat that price!

– E.L.F. Blush Palette: $6. I was between this palette, a Valmy blush ($2) and my NYX powder blush ($5.) but the E.L.F. palette comes with 4 blush shades, making each one $1,50, so I figured this was actually the most frugal choice 😉

– L.A. Colors Vitamin E Lipstick: $0,99. This is in the shade Dark Brown and it’s my favorite brown lipstick ever.

– Maybelline Water Shine lipgloss: $5,75. Not only is this my most inexpensive gloss but this caramel color goes perfectly with my choice of lipstick!

So, for the 15 products I used to create this full face of makeup my grand total comes to: $40,91! Not bad I think.

Like I said at the beginning I would absolutely use all of these products together to create a really nice look!

Now I’d like to invite each of you reading this to do the same within your makeup collection, you may be surprised! and I would love to see everyone’s frugal makeup!



6 thoughts on “My most frugal makeup look

  1. Wow! That’s REALLY frugal, considering how many products you used (like you didn’t skip on any items – you even did highlight and contour). That Valmy brands sounds really good. I love reading about local brands!

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    1. They have very good quality products, I specially ADORE their lipsticks! I’d say they’re something like Wet ‘n Wild here. Maybe I should do a post dedicated to their line sometime!


    1. Well in the pictures I included some of the “plan B” options I had, but for 15 makeup items I think I did pretty good! If I’d gone for another blush I could’ve stayed below $40!


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