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Use it or lose it project – Update.

You guys, this is going to be the most sad  and embarrassing update ever. Did I say Use it or Lose it? because it’s been definitely more on the lose it side. Here is my first post on this project.

So here is my update after 2 and a half months in:

This is what’s left of the products in this projectthumbnail_20160927_195100

(again, excuse my lack of photography skills)

Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer in 002 Medium: as you can see this is missing from my updated pic. This was a product I was never fond of, I really didn’t feel it did anything for me, like literally nada. So when my mom came to my house and fell in love with it, I just said take it!

Rimmel matte BB cream in Medium: this is a never ending tube! I still love this BB cream, and I’m still using it at least 3-4 times a week (since December or January), and I’m pretty sure I still got at least 1/3 left. Maybe it’s because it is very watery (but not in a bad way) so a little goes a long way, but oh Lord! I’m so ready to be done with it.

Victoria´s Secret Party Perfect Makeup Kit (Blush): this is another product where a little goes a long way, since it is such a pigmented blush. You can baaarealy see a dent on it, and if I’m honest I’ve only been using it about twice a week. But I still love it and will keep trying to use it more.

Valmy Perfect Finish eyeshadow in Brown 06: now, let me tell you something, it is HARD to pan a dark color eyeshadow. Like I said on my intro post, I use this mostly to darken my outer corner, and sometimes on the crease, but I think it would take me a good 2 years of daily use (without fail) to pan this. So this will be getting passed on to my mom as well.

Almay intense i-color in Brown topaz (eyeliner): I finished this eyeliner! It is all gone! it took me about 3 weeks of use until I could no longer use it without hurting my eye with the plastic. I loved this formula and the color so I would definitely repurchase if I didn’t have another 4 brown liners to go through.

Mon-Reve eyeshadow iluminator cream: sadly this is also missing from my update because the consistency of the shadow changed, it turned really oily and although the smell didn’t change, I could tell it went bad, and it creased on me like no other! which it didn’t used to do before. I think it was because I used my finger to apply it every day, so I had to throw it out a couple of weeks ago.

Personi Jumbo Pencil in Midas: this was awful, very patchy, it also creased. The color was beautiful, but it wasn’t worth the hassle, so I also got rid of it when I got rid of the cream base shadow. I totally forgot to save it for this post, I’m sorry.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous: and the sad stories continue… I don’t have this anymore because I kept it in my purse to use during the week days, and one day I found it melted all over my makeup bag!. Still I don’t think I would’ve been able to finish this. Do you know how difficult it is to pull off orange lipstick every single day?? LOL! I know at first I was all “this is great, and versatile and you can go from peach to bright orange…” bah! humbug!

Almay lipliner in 201: I’ve done pretty good with this one I think. In the photo you can see I’ve used up about half of what I had left (the white pencil with the 2 black marks) and I don’t use this every day, just on the days when I go for a nude lip, but I can see myself finishing this lip liner within a month.

Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Rose Pearl: I’m done with this one too! I used the cr@p out of this gloss, and really enjoyed it! This was so pretty on its own or on top of pretty much any lipstick. This was a cult favorite with every reason!

So that’s it.  I don’t think there will be another update since I will only be using 3 out of 10 of the original products going forward (the BB cream, the blush and the lip liner), the BB cream and the lip liner I know I will finish up. The blush… ehh, probably not, but I didn’t really expect to; I just wanted to remind myself to give it more love. I will be taking a short trip to the mountains in October and will be taking only the Victoria’s secret palette with me, so that will help a bit.

Thank you for reading! I have a really fun couple of posts planned next, and I promise to try harder to be around more!





4 thoughts on “Use it or lose it project – Update.

  1. YouI’ve done so well! And I’m glad you came to the realization that some things you don’t love and not worthy of trying to use it up (glad the Maybelline bronzer found a good home). Sucks about the Revlon Kissable Balm – RIP! 7 down out of 10 is amazing!

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    1. More like 2 out of 7 and a few casualties lol! but yeah… makeup is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and those products I passed on or tossed definitely were not!


    1. I always used to feel like that, but then I thought that the guilt comes from feeling like I wasted my money, but the money is already spent you know? Forcing myself to use a product that doesn’t make me feel happy or pretty isn’t going to bring my money back either, so I rather give it to someone who will actually use it or just toss it instead of making myself miserable over it
      Thanks for reading!

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