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Use it or lose it project – Intro. (Project make a dent)

I´m taking this idea that I saw on various blogs I follow, and they actually got me quite excited to start a use it up project of my own!

I was inspired because over the years I collected quite a sizable amount of makeup, and there are some items that are getting really old by now, that I think I should really finish up before they go bad and I start feeling like I wasted my money, which is the last thing I need to be doing, and specially now that everything is so hard to get for me down here.

I feel like sometimes I get too wrapped up in the excitement of new shiny things (which don’t come by that often anyway) and all my faithful and loyal makeup gets forgotten. But not anymore! In the next 6 months I will try to really make a dent on this 10 products, and I´m confident that I´ll even be able to finish up a few of them!

I will try to give monthly updates on my progress, and let you know how this project is going, and by the end of 2016 I hope to be rid of at least 75% of these!

So, the products:

Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer in 002 Medium: this is such a blah product. This was one of the first bronzers I ever purchased (actually the second one, the first one was a Dream Sun bronzer, also from Maybelline) and I got it because I had heard so many good things about how pretty and natural looking it was, but in reality this thing is invisible! no matter how much I pack on I can´t get this to show up on my skin! I have medium to light skin with a warm undertone. After I got this I also swatched the 003 Deep one, thinking that maybe I just picked the wrong color for me, but the darkest one in the line didn’t show up on my skin either, so now I just want this out of my collection! I will keep using it as a bronzer for my face and maybe even on the decolletage just to use up faster

Rimmel matte BB cream in Medium: I love this BB cream, this is the first BB cream I´ve ever tried, though I have an unopened one from Garnier, but I´m just more of a foundation person. However I like this product a lot! I like the light coverage, that can be built up a little, I like how I can feel and see that this does give some hydration to my skin, I like that it has SPF, I don´t find it that it helps keep my skin matte at all! but it’s nothing that can’t be helped with a little setting powder. I just want to finish it up because this tube has been with me since December, so I though this would be perfect to get me through summer, but then I will be more than ready to get back to using a foundation! I think this is about 1/2 way used up (impressive because I use this almost every day!) 

Victoria´s Secret Party Perfect Makeup Kit (Blush): This is one of my most loved and used palettes. I reach for this almost every day because I love the eyeshadows! Specially the browns and taupes. But I´m including this here specifically for the blush. This is a pretty pigmented blush, a little goes a long way, but it doesn’t really last very long. Maybe 4 hours. I´ve had this kit for over 6 years now, and I´m pretty sure I will continue to reach for it as long as the powders don’t go bad on me, but I feel like I will be wasting the blush if I don’t reach for it more often. This has 3,4 grs of product (0,11 oz) which is a lot for such a pigmented blush! So by making it a part of my project I want to make sure I’m using it over all my other blushes so that I can eventually pan the whole palette (except for the bronzer which is too orange and sparkly, but I sometimes layer it with the blush to get a warmer tone when I´m not feeling like wearing such a true pink)

Valmy Perfect Finish eyeshadow in Brown 06: This is from a local brand, and it´s a really good eyeshadow, a little powdery, but very pigmented and easy to blend. This is a warm matte brown with little bits of microglitter in it, but it performs pretty much matte. I like to use it for my outer V, or sometimes in the crease when I’m going for a more dramatic look. This isn’t even an old product, I’ve had it for 7 or 8 months, but I’m including it because is one of the few brown singles I own, and I have similar shades in some palettes, so I this will be faster to use up and declutter.

Almay intense i-color in Brown topaz (eyeliner): That little nub you see there is all I have left of this eyeliner, but it´s been that way for months! (shame on me, but I mostly reach for black) so I really want to focus and finally use it up so I can move on to another one, because who doesn’t have a least 3-4 brown eyeliner pencils to use at once right?

Mon-Reve eyeshadow iluminator cream: This is also from a local brand, and it´s a really good eyeshadow base, it really makes eyeshadows pop and last a lot longer! (and it´s super cheap too!) The reason I want to use this up is because it’s a cream product that I tend to apply with my fingers, and I´ve had it for over 6 months, so I´m worried about it growing bacteria or going bad soon.

Personi Jumbo Pencil in Midas: this is a cream eyeshadow pencil in true gold. I really like the color, and I specially like pairing it with the brown eyeshadow from Valmy, but it doesn’t ever set on the skin, so it doesn’t last almost at all unless you set it with a powder shadow, but the true reason I want to get rid of it is because this pencil is huge! it doesn’t fit into any of the regular makeup pencil duo sharpeners, and since it’s the only jumbo pencil from them that I own, and there’s only like one Personi store in the city, I don’t feel like going through the hassle of going to buy the proper sharpener because the product is not that good to begin with; so once I use up whatever I can out of it, this will be going to the trash can.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous: I´m so sorry for the crappy pictures,  but I promise I will get better with time! 😉  As you can kinda see there’s still a lot of product in this, there is a little black dot to where the balm comes up to on the cap. I like that this is a shade you can build from peach-y to a very true orange if you want to, and it’s a really comfortable balm, so it’s perfect for the summer!

Almay lipliner in 201: this is so old I couldn’t even find the proper name on Google! This is a sort of nude-cinnamon color that’s very natural on the lips. This isn’t too drying for a lipliner, and the lasting power is amazing! But sadly this puppy must be like 7-8 years old, so yeah… time to say our good-byes

Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Rose Pearl: I don’t think there’s anything I can say about this gloss that hasn’t been said already. It is loved by many and with good reason! The shade is lovely on every skin tone, and it lasts really well for a gloss without being uncomfortable, but again we’ve had our time in the sun and it’s time to say good-bye. I should be able to finish it within the first month if I really put my mind to it! you can see from the black mark there that it’s more than 3/4 gone!

and that’s it! those are the products that I will try to get out of my collection by 2017!

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Use it or lose it project – Intro. (Project make a dent)

  1. Yay!!! It will feel good to see progress on your makeup. Especially since it’s just sitting there anyways so it’s better for you to use it then to let it got to waste! I can’t wait to keep up with your progress!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great project! I hear you about wanting new shiny things and neglecting what you already own. I’m fully guilty of this. But it’s SO satisfying to finish items, especially ones you love. It’s SO sad when you have to toss something because it’s gone back, ESPECIALLY ones you loved!
    That Victoria’s Secret Party Perfect Makeup Kit looks amazing! I’m so bummed VS discontinued their makeup line.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress! 🙂


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